What is EcoGrid ESS?

EcoGrid ESS is the first of its kind high energy density power back-up solution. This intelligent solution provides users with the ultimate reliable power experience based on a proven sustainable Lithium-ion based storage technology. EcoGrid can solve all the hassles and inconvenience caused due to -

  • Power Cuts / Power Fluctuations
  • Frequent Maintenance Requirements
  • Replacement Requirements every few years (because of shorter life)
  • Fumes, Pollution, Health Hazards and Noise
  • Large Occupation of Space
  • Low Efficiency – Wastage of above 30% in normal inverters with existing Lead Acid Batteries and 65% to 75% in Diesel Generators (DG) in which case the usage expenses are much higher
  • Very low usage out of the total capacity
  • Higher cost per litre but less number of electricity units per litre
  • Logistics of fetching diesel and manual operations of the diesel generator

This new Breakthrough technology has multiple benefits

  • Provides stable and quality power during power cuts or power fluctuations
  • zero maintenance
  • Very long life- no hassles of replacements until 10 years or more
  • No fumes, no pollution, no noise, NO HEALTH HAZARDS - Green Technology
  • Occupies small space and it's a Drawing-Room Product with high aesthetics
  • Fast charging- makes it quickly re- available between power cuts
  • It manages itself on its own; built-in intelligence
  • Highly efficient- works almost at grid power cost
  • Total cost of ownership over its life is much lower as compared to any other existing alternate  source of power
  • Almost 100% usage
  • Runs air- conditioner along with other loads like lighting loads etc.;  at home and small commercial establishments

EcoGrid’s applications are for home and small commercial establishments. In case of higher requirements, customized solutions can be built to suit the varied needs. EcoGrid solutions can also be combined with Solar and offered in flexible storage sizes.

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EcoGrid ESS
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Why EcoGrid?

You can count on EcoGrid to meet your high standards and create a responsive environment that can constantly adjust itself to your changing needs.

EcoGrid ESS solves residential problems by providing a foolproof backup to utility power prone to flickers, voltage spikes and power surges that affect high-end AV components. Your home control and security components are now secure with uninterruptable power and surge protection for selected circuits with EcoGrid ESS.

EcoGrid ESS also addresses commercial problems by eliminating the need for a contingency plan on mission critical systems. The system utilizes UPS technology and leaves no scope for common power quality problems such as data crashes and failing circuits that can occur with power from the grid, renewable and back-up generators.

This new breakthrough technology shaped into a solution by us offers multiple short and long term benefits

  • Stable and quality power supply during power cuts or fluctuations
  • No maintenance required
  • Boasts of a long life leaving no hassles of frequent replacements. EcoGrid offers over 10 years of life with one charge and one discharge per day
  • No fumes, noise, pollution and health hazards
  • Occupies very less floor space
  • Quick charging making it re-available between power cuts
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Highly efficient – 95% and more with 5% waste only- therefore works almost at grid power cost while charging/discharging
  • Total cost of ownership over its life is much lower compared to other existing alternative sources of power like lead acid batteries or DG sets
  • Almost 100% usage can run an air conditioner along with other lighting loads in a household

Success Story of EcoGrid ESS

The world is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way power backup requirements are addressed. Traditionally Lead-acid batteries have been used for small home power backup (Home UPS) and users are bound to live with all the associated compromises. Whereas big establishments have been relying on diesel generators (DG) till now, polluting the environment and adding a big fuel bill.

Giving a big thrust to this paradigm shift, ACME has installed Lithium-ion battery power back-up solution at its corporate office in Gurgaon Sector-44. This system acts as primary power back-up solution as well as a demonstration of the technical capabilities of Lithium-ion batteries. The solution is capable of supporting whole 320kVA of office load for over 1 hour. There are no compromises in energy consumption as it runs central AC along with all other loads.

This solution is economical, saving huge diesel bill and not to forget that it’s green. This system will reduce CO2 emission by 4,000 MT over its expected lifetime of more than 10 years. This is equivalent to planting around 1 lakh trees.

EcoGrid Benefits

EcoGrid’s breakthrough energy storage system offers innovative system features like –
  • Storage system based on  Lithium-ion technology
  • Full recharge in 2 hours
  • The electricity storage is capable to give power back-up for 1 hour at full load operation
  • Maintenance free operation;  no moving parts involved
  • Modular configuration
  • Over 10 years of life for single charge/discharge cycle per day
  • No fuel required
  • Compact & High energy density Li-ion storage
  • Instant changeover
  • Inbuilt Solar charge controller

There are multiple benefits this solution offers making it the Smart Choice for the 21st century

  • Keeps energy cost close to grid energy cost
  • Quick re-availability of the system for next cycle use
  • Sufficient backup to take care of usual power cuts
  • Does not require skilled technicians or periodic maintenance
  • Capacity is easily scalable at any time and gives flexibility as well as interchangeability
  • High returns on investment
  • Eliminates carbon emission, noise pollution & fuel logistics
  • Saves space as it can be placed at a convenient location and is mobile
  • Ready to integrate rooftop solar panels as and when required

Using EcoGrid ESS for Cost-Effective, Reliable, Uninterruptible Power availability in Agriculture

It is no longer feasible for farmers to rely on rain for irrigation of the crop due to its high unpredictability. But they are under significant pressure to increase crop production while balancing most efficient consumption of energy and water resources.

Availability of modern means of irrigation has brought an ease in the lives of farmers. But to implement the same, they are dependent upon either grid power which is unreliable and deficient at most of the places or DG sets. Diesel for running irrigation pumps is often beyond the convenience and economy. Insufficient irrigation can lead to crop damage, reducing yields and diminishing income.

With so much riding on irrigation, farmers are naturally looking for systems that not only help them use resources efficiently to maximize their crop output, but also deliver consistently optimized irrigation levels to crops, and are automated and simple to operate.

EcoGrid ESS provides a big time solution to their need of uninterruptible power. The system comes with an option of inbuilt solar power integration. EcoGrid ESS stores energy from Grid and/or Solar when they are available and deliver power to loads, when Grid / Solar fail to supply.

Likewise, EcoGrid has various other such applications where existing conventional alternative sources of power are either ineffective or totally fail to deliver.

EcoGrid ESS is optimized for various applications, in particular for integrating with
  • PV Solar
  • Diesel Generation
  • Peak power shaving for Heavy Industries
  • Electricity Grid-connected Ancillary Services
  • Storage on grid

The system is scalable and can be adapted to any building. The system has demonstration at a textile plant in Rudrapur in Uttrakhand and has been arresting their production losses to create value for the customer.

EcoGrid ESS has been chosen by one of the prestigious NGO that is working hard for the cause of taking drinking water to villages that do not have an access to it. They have set-up an RO plant in Noida and have installed EcoGrid ESS with solar integration. With this solution, they are successful in fulfilling the need for safe drinking water of villagers.

Another installation that we are doing as a showcase is for an NGO that supplies drinking water to the villages. They are setting up an RO plant in Noida and we are supplying them EcoGrid with solar integration.